I am a self taught professional photographer

that has over 30 years of experience

I enjoy hiding behind the camera than being in front of it.


By using Photography as a means to show Wildlife to people

that love animals the way that I do. Whether it's another

 photographer or a person that doesn't have the

capabilities of seeing these animals in person, the joy

this gives me to see someones face when they look at

one of my photos is priceless.


I also try to stimulate passion for Wildlife in children by

donating several of my favorite photos to local schools.


My interest stretches well beyond Bears...along my journey I

have rescued several injured animals...an Osprey with a

broken wing, a Seagull that swallowed a fish hook, a baby

Raccoon and yes...even a Skunk.


Tender Moments and Interactions are my Specialty!!!






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